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Contest Details

The Brief

The Faith Kids team is looking for a creative artist to produce, write and record a song for the upcoming new Faith Kids movie titled ‘The Sound of Deception’ The song will be featured within the Movie but will also be featured in The Faith Kids digital web series shows. 

What's The Task

  • To create an original full-length song for the movie. 
  • Submit the track with music ONLY
  • Submit a track with vocals ONLY


  • 2-3 Minute Song
  • 60 sec short version

Tone & Style:

  • Fun, optimistic, animated & Action-packed.
  • The Song lyrics need to be adventurous, action-filled, heroic, powerful, and uplifting.
    • The Music is critical in the execution, it will need to compliment the style and feel of The Faith Kids brand.

Creative References

Usage: Talent & Third Party Rights & Restrictions

  • No third-party soundtracks allowed. All music must be original. No copyrighted material allowed. 


Delivery Format & License Info

  • Files must be .WAV or .MP3
  • One file should contain just the vocal track
  • One file should contain just the instrumental
  • One file should contain the full song
  • All audio files must be sent via email to
  • The email should contain the subject ‘Sound of Deception Song – Your Name


The Winner

Winning Song Announcement 

  • The winner will be announced via email and our social media
  • Someone from our Admin team will reach directly out to you
  • Further information on voiceover needed for the movie will be provided at the announcement of the winner
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